About Our Logo

Over the past several years, M&T Tax Service updated the logo it used, and since this year is a fresh start for M&T Tax and Business Services, a new logo was appropriate for the slightly changed name. The name change was done to reflect that we are not just a tax preparation service like some big names out there. We are focused on helping local businesses manage their business by taking care of bookkeeping, payroll, and other services (such as website creation and marketing planning). This is the new core of our business, helping other businesses. Our new manager and Co-owner, Dylan Dysart, is the one leading this change. He is currently working on getting certified in QuickBooks, and will then work on a Public Bookkeeping Certification. Although certification is not necessary, Dylan wants to assure our clients that despite that fact he looks young, he is qualified to help you with your business.

Our logo was done by Dylan, who by his own admission is not a graphic designer by any means, but with Tax Season about to go in full force, will have to do. One might wander why it is so simple, and without color. Well, that was intentional. A logo is merely a symbol of a business’s branding. It is part of branding for sure, but how the business operates and how it wishes to be perceived by others is what should determine the logo’s appearance. We have big plans for M&T Tax and Business Services, which will be very beneficial for both our business and individual clients. It will take some time to realize those however, so until then our logo will reflect that. We are still transitioning from M&T Tax Service to M&T Tax and Business Services, so the logo in a way reflects that.

Now that we have a logo, we can get to creating new forms, business cards, and more that will assist our clients. This website will be populated very soon with more about our business (how and why it got started), introductions to our members, and more. We look forward to assisting you with your business and tax return preparation needs, and we hope to see you soon!

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We are making a lot of changes here at M&T Tax Service. For one, starting January 1st, we will now be called M&T Tax and Business Services, LLC. The change was made to better describe what we do, as we are not just a Tax Preparation or bookkeeping business, we will be providing other services to assist businesses. We are still working out the details and choosing which services are ready. We strive to continue to offer a relaxing, professional service for your bookkeeping or tax preparation needs, that is not changing. In fact, we are looking into ways of making tax season and business management easier on our clients. This website is very important to that goal, and will be functional early January.

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