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About Dylan

Dylan Dysart has been working behind the scenes of M&T Tax Service for 8 years. He has a passion for business creation and development, having started developing business plans since he was 16 (9 years ago). Originally planning a career in Information Technology, Dylan has changed his focus in assisting other businesses in their financial and operational needs. While M&T Tax Service was originally a tax preparation and bookkeeping service ran and performed by Mary and Tamera, Dylan has stepped in and taken over M&T Tax Service’s new direction and focus, starting with changing the name to M&T Tax and Business Services and forming a LLC. Dylan has had much experience the past 8 years in Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping, and in fact, began our Payroll Services. He is also a member of several professional bookkeeping organizations.

Dylan has had several business concepts over the past several years. First a photo and video restoration service. This service would have scanned or converted older media such as photographic slide film, Super 8mm, 8mm and more, to digital. Media when not kept in proper storage degrades, so digital restoration would be performed on the converted media. Although coming up with several business models, Dylan worked out that such a business was:

  1. Not a huge demand by people in general
  2. Significant Competition existing in big name drug stores, whose quality was “good enough” for most individuals.
  3. Not economically viable.

It was not economically viable in the sense that in order pay himself, for utilities, for software, and other business purchases, that the price he would have to charge would be far more than what the average customer would be willing to pay. Given the rather small demand for such a service, Dylan decided it would not be wise do created a dedicated business based around such a service, but would still keep the plans in case to incorporate as a service in a service with a much greater demand.

Like most people, Dylan enjoyed taking photos from time to time of interesting things he’d run across in life or on vacation. On a rainy night while bored in a hotel room, Dylan decided he wanted to create images using his camera. That began his interest in photography. Dylan proceeded to learn whatever he could about photography, reading books, attending workshops, and more. It wasn’t until 2011, that Dylan considered photography as a possible business, and made many mistakes while creating his photography business, going through several variations and approaches. The experience and lessons he gained was very much worth it, and those experiences and lessons will be a subject of book that he is working on. Dylan studied in depth the business of photography, much of which is transferable, and sometimes works even better with other types of business.

Dylan is confident that his experience can help your business. No doubt, he is still learning, but such is the nature of business. He can help you set up a business, with marketing, tax, and positioning consequences in mind. Dylan will be happy to help you.

To see what projects and work Dylan is doing please visit www.ddysart.com.

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